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How does Microsoft Azure work?

less than 1 minute read

In this video, you will gain a general understanding of how the Microsoft Azure cloud platform works and what’s happening technology-wise behind the scenes.

Plugins for SEO of Your Wordpress Site

less than 1 minute read

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins should have built-in feature manager and Import and export settings. You can choose from the top two word press SEO ...

Plugins to Backup Your Wordpress Site

1 minute read

You are at a great risk of losing all your content of your blog and once lost you won’t have a chance to bring it back- unless you have good backup WordPress...

Plugins to Secure Your Wordpress Site

1 minute read

Plugins to secure your site should be on your first to-do list. It falls into essential plugins list because nothing on the internet is secure.

Install Plugins for your Wordpress Site

1 minute read

we need plugins to run our WordPress; plugins that are very important, almost crucial to keep your blog secure, optimized, fully controlled and backed up. It...

Organic Traffic

3 minute read

You should understand that one of the goals of SEO is to increase organic traffic your site or blog. Here’s why?

Achieve Higher Google Ranking for Free

4 minute read

A lot of online businesses actually pay money to rank up at the Google Algorithm, but you can achieve a higher ranking on Google without spending a dime. Let...